HG001 Sofia Ozdravovna/Amethyst - Tomorrow is Forever

HG002 Plus Size - No Longer Desired

HG003 Alocasia Garden - A Double Life

HG004 Amethyst - 대지

HG005 Treading Bloom - Vernal Low

HG006 C.L. Lobbestael - Silver Sodomy

HG007 Appropriate Savagery - Agony of the Impenitent

HG008 V/A - Mémoires historiques Vol. 1

HG009 Vito Lucente - Sturm Und Drang

HG010 False Moniker - Spectral Caress

HG011 Anasisana - Where Am I Standing?

HG012 Jon Law and Oli Genn-Bash - To Dream Of More Light, Faintly

HG013 Zhe Pechorin - Sic Ergo Ludens

HG014 Alethe | Moscow Moon/Sapporo Sun - Untitled

HG015 Pharmakustik and Thorsten Soltau - Periapsis 2251

HG016 Forthcoming

HG017 Victorine Meurent - Pastorale

HG018 Ato Vari - Louise

HG019 Undveld - Vanity of the Broken Man

HG020 Amor - Es La Ley

HG021 Dominic Coppola - Patterns of Lust

HG022 Divorce Ring - A Testament

HG023 Caerulea - Untitled

HG024 Pulp Extortion - Arteries of the Asylum